31 January 2011

why not to get back in touch with exes...


poke poke


look at me


I am bitten

10 January 2011

censored poets

I have a new poem over there ;)

Censored Poets: Short coming

09 January 2011

on waking

I smelt strong this morning, I must have been aroused in the night, in some lost dream.  I wonder who and how.

06 January 2011

In between days

He wants 
one thing from me
In between times
I hibernate
for all he knows.
He whispers
wicked words
to wake me.
I want the same thing
from him too, but...
I will always lose
as I want more
than one thing.
I want words
I want whispers
I want wickedness
but most of all
I want not to hibernate.

04 January 2011


What to resolve?  Things I should already do but don't?  The daily self-maintenance routine, which basically, I suck at.  Most days I fail to fully complete a routine of toning/moisturising/cleaning teeth/cleaning ears out, weekends I sometimes have a whole day without a bath or a shower.  I could resolve to do more of these things.  
I could resolve to write more, or write better.  I am trying at this.  I could resolve the usual dieting, exercising, taking care of myself stuff.  I am trying at this too, helped by a hangover, they are good for something....  
But it is only a date, and why should a date suddenly make me able to do all these things that I have failed at before.  So this year, again, no resolutions.  A vague hope I will procrastinate less and "accomplish" more, and I guess a good start would be to understand what I would see as an accomplishment...

02 January 2011

Too Much

my poem Too Much has been accepted by Shannon Peil for amphibi.us!!!


1st of the year (although technically it was accepted in 2010, it was in a time zone at least  5hours ahead of me and therefore arrived when I was imbibing ridiculous amounts of wine, and therefore counts as this year)

I would celebrate but I think the two day hangover would carry on then...