29 July 2010

Get off the fence...

You say "The thought of being with you again is fantastic but as you said it wouldn't change how things are in real life. I know that basically states that it would be great to have a one night stand but that isn't what I mean."

You say "In an ideal world I would like to see and be with you in the knowledge that neither of us are pressured afterwards."


You say "But I love my wife, and my family."


I wait.  You say all this moral crap but you don't believe it, and if I would absolve you upfront of the consequences of any feelings I might have as a result you would risk it like a shot, like a rabbit down a hole, your cock rising as if it feeds on air. 


But still, I do wait.

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Gita Smith said...

MMM. I am reading this in retrospect, not in real time, so I feel like I am watching a romance movie unfold and the married man wants his hot piece of ass but does NOT want to take responsibility for the woman's feelings. Jeez, that's waaay too complicated. Can't we just have a good time? Can't it just be on my terms all the time? Then the woman gets wise and dumps him. She suffers, of course, and she has to remind herself of just what a shit- turd he was, always wanting it on his terms, never taking responsibility for the fact that she'd fallen hard. Oh yes, the viewer thinks, she's best off without him. Except except except that she is left with a hole in her heart.