29 September 2010

post coming

post coming

I am always drowsy

dreamy and pliant


I don't mind then

that you called me

another girls name,

it was only Sasha

and I see her movies,

see her enjoyment

and i know why

you want her.


Gita Smith said...

This says more in a short space than I can ever manage. If one reminds a lover of a fabulous porn star, I suppose that's as much a compliment as an insult.
In lines two and three I'd edit out sleepy and leave drowsy. They mean the same (to me) and drowsy is the better word.
Great name, Sasha. I see a dark-haired Russian beauty.

jkdavies said...

I changed the order of the words a bit and swapped sleepy for dreamy ;) good catch, thank you!