08 June 2010


yeah thanks for chatting with me today for a whole nineteen minutes really appreciate the effort; thanks for telling me that you were pissed off with the choices you'd made because now you had to live with your in-laws or in a poky small flat with her and your baby and not even thinking for one fucking microsecond that i might want to hear that some small tiny part of your pissed-offness might be because you missed me in your life in your dreams in your thoughts; thank you for talking about football as if it fucking mattered and thank you for continuing to talk about football as if it fucking mattered even after i told you i couldn't care less; thanks for being so interested when i told you i was pissed off that you didn't even ask why not of course that there was much opportunity to in the nineteen minutes really, not when i was there to provide a witty and pointed and stimulating counterpoint to your fucking everyday life and thanks for appreciating so much that your life would suck without me so much you still want to dump on me even though you would hate to admit that your life would suck without me i have fucking songs in my brain again but it's probably better than my thoughts; thank you Sinead for giving me the lines; thank you for breaking my heart thank you for tearing me apart now I've a strong, strong heart thank you for breaking my heart... thank you for showing me again what a fucking idiot i am to think of better times, to think of you, to think...

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