30 August 2010

It's the smallest things that let you down...

They were out shopping, browsing through the underwear in a department store with pretensions, the red-head's fingers flickering expertly through the racks to find the perfect size for her.  She riffled through bras and knickers in vibrant colours, embroidered and appliqued lace trims in contrasting colours, even ruffles, for goodness sake, the brunette shook her head at the sheer extravagence.

"I like wearing nice underwear," she explained, pouting slightly, "And not just for him, for me too."

"But what are the logistics of underwear?" her friend asked, "How do you decide how many knickers to buy to match, for example?"

"Oh, I tend to buy two pairs of matching knickers for every bra, if they have them.  And in this case, well, one of the matching pair can always be accidentally tucked away at his house, just to test how strong his marriage really is..."

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Gita Smith said...

Bad evil CLEVER girl!