20 October 2010


And so it comes to the final sin, the pinnacle of the series, and the weight of expectation is falling heavily on me due in part to it being the finale, and in part to my previous "hot reputation" with publications to my name at sleep.snort.fuck and newwavevomit predominantly themed around lust.

People might expect a real bodice ripper, zip-buster filled with uncontrollable swellings and spurtings, yearnings and cravings, something to make them aware of their own excitement, their lust that the dictionary defines as both intense longing and strong sexual desire.

However, last week I realised one real thing about my sexual nature, and it is that it is not even mostly physical in nature, last week lets-call-him cyberguy, my latest and this time virtual partner in lust decided to come clean about his real life marital status as a prelude to calling things to a halt. 

I have never met cyberguy in real life, and the chances were always a million to one that I ever would, and yet, through a common interest we corresponded and chatted and when we talked about sex and then cybersex and then started cybersex there was nothing but words between us, minds interacting and bouncing off each others, spurring each of us to more invention and description and yes, lust. 

I knew some real life facts about him, had even seen pictures of him, and he would not be considered an object of lust to the wider world (me neither, I suspect) but sitting at a keyboard using my mind created a lustrous glow, a spark that reached over the miles, the time-zones, to a point where we felt we could smell, taste each others arousal. 

I lusted after him, or maybe I lusted after the "virtual us", but for sure I will miss him.

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