17 October 2010

Open wide...

I've been writing on this blog for a while now, and I first started up so I could write things that I wouldn't like a whole bunch of people to see, mainly colleagues.  I have no problem with relatives since Mum was a reader from the start, and no-one else in the family is vaguely interested as far as I know.  Some of the adult content herein has been published at other adult sites, and some in 'normal' poetry sites, and some double blogs over at 6S where the wider audience has in general not fainted at my crudities... And over the months I think I did some OK writing here and now, modest as ever, I want to share with the unknown world.  I don't really know why... other than great immodesty, the world deserves to know my stuff (it was a bad world in a former life or something)

My other blog is streamed to facebook where anyone who was my "friend" or basically vague acquaintance could see the stuff I was writing if they could be arsed.  Despite it's accessibility it has unnaccountably failed to win me fame and fortune...  And, I think it unlikely that the little orange git in Amon is ever going to find this stuff, but why make it easy by posting it in front of a load of workmates that we have in common ;)  I hope the "nice" blog will continue not descend into irrelevancy as the more personal raw stuff is posted over here, though I know I already drifted down that route by posting about fluffy kittens this morning. 

There is a time and a place and at the moment this feels more like my personal place ;)

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