16 October 2010


Beelzebub is apparantly the demon associated with gluttony, habitual greed, or excess in eating or drinking; and I don't even understand how this can be a sin, which would mean an offence against a moral or religious law, or some sort of divine command.

I find it difficult to imagine a God anyway, without thinking of 'him' as some early-age politician, saying "you know, if you eat more than your fair share, someone else will go hungry," and we all know how much we trust politicians.

I don't even believe that these politics of scarcity are true anymore, we do not live in communities so small that eating to excess is taking the food (or drink!) out of another person's mouth.

For sure, gluttony can be ugly, as can doing anything to excess, especially to people who think there is some moral purity in restriction, holding back.

People who make a virtue out of self denial are the ones I find incomprehensible, what warped sense of self says "I find this attractive therefore it must be wrong," and thank Christ I am not tempted to sin, to eat nice things, to fill my stomach with gorgeous, slaver inducing food and mellowing, mind altering drinks?

It must be true that Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me... because for sure I am unrepentant and combatting my gluttony is not a fucking part time job.

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