15 October 2010


There is a song I particularly dislike for the line in it that runs "What have you done today, to make you feel proud?" and it's self aggrandizing, self improvement message. As if all we need is a little self belief and we can stop being one of the ordinary people and become someone who stands head and shoulders above the other 6.7 billion of us out there. And it's not like I am saying this from the viewpoint of a particularly modest, hiding-my-light-under-a-bushel person. I am proud to be in the intellectual elite, which for me means I can score 140 on IQ tests, that I quickly understand many new concepts and complex ideas; and that I am highly articulate in being able to string a grammatically correct meaningful and persuasive well written sentence together, and oftimes verbally too (in my native language). However, all of this is just something that I am, I was lucky enough to be born with it and was fortunate that I grew up in a nurturing environment where my intelligence was valued. So I haven't done anything today to make me feel proud, and I don't fucking need to, OK?

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