14 May 2010

"Rose Bush" or "My Private Jet"

I wanted to be a good girl today.  I was going to take off my dirty-girl, stain-hiding grey nail varnish and paint my fingernails and toenails palest pink.  The grey varnish is chipped now anyway, I won't tell you why.  I went swimming before 7am because exercise is something good girls who care about how they look do.  I put my bikini on and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and I looked OK, the muted light was kind and creamy on the skin of my shoulders and neck and the uplifted swell of my breasts and the mirror finished before my eyes could travel further down my body to see flaws there.  In the news today the beauty queens refuse to wear their swimsuits.  These good girls worry about showing the impressionable young their perfect bodies.  In the news today a lottery winning benefit fraudster is uncovered.  A 51 year old guy did it but the picture is of a girls hands filling in a lottery ticket and the hands wear dark blue nail varnish.  I still think I will change to probably french manicure pink.  Benefit cheats wear dark varnish.  Lottery addicts too.  Bad girls, nasty girls.  Good girls don't scratch at the other person and mark their flesh as the excitement builds, don't collect his'n'her bodily fluids under their nails.  I do have days where I want to be a good girl and I thought today was one of them.  But now I can't decide between "Rose Bush" or "My Private Jet"

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