19 May 2010

just desserts

I mean yeah I have been raped but you know it wasn't like a bad one like?   It was one of those things you know I, well I wouldn't say it was all my fault but you know wrong place wrong time?  I was drunk, I mean, of course, it is me; and yeah so I went back with him when I was drunk and we had sex and I don't remember it but when I woke up with him in the morning I knew I didn't want to do it again.  He had other ideas though and although he wasn't much bigger than me he was stronger, muscles where I had beer flab and he pinned me down on the cheap student hall mattress and I tried to struggle and I really did struggle for a while before something clicked in me and I let him get on with it and I lay there underneath him pushing and grunting and I let him. 

Does that count then?

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