04 May 2010

Musing at the Mira spa...

I pay money to have someone touch me.

I live on the periphery and holiday

to the places where other people live.

Their frustrations, mis-matched needs, endless

compromises and irritations grind away

but mostly some human lubricant

keeps things from breaking apart.

Is it that I don't compromise enough? 

Or too much maybe?


I can be all things to all people but 

do they just see actress?  

Shutter click on a

devoted and self sacrificing "mistress";

click, lonely career woman;

click, wild temptress;

click, fucking cock hungry woman

from an electronic friend.

Click, click.

Emotional void wanting to be filled. 

No wonder people run.

I lay face down on the bed and

the small Chinese girl moves my legs apart

because I have paid her to. 

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