20 May 2010

circulation II

the blood now staining my cheeks has already run through the rest of me; it enlivened the tips of my fingers as i explored you the arteries split and divided and got smaller and finer and the red cells flowed along through ever narrower capilliaries until they gave up their precious iron-bound oxygen to enliven the flesh of my fingers until, exhausted, the deoxygenated red cells limpingly start the long flow back; the blood starts to run back along my arm gathering momentum and flow as it joins other cells, tiny muscle movements in my arm drive the blood flow, send it back to my heart where it is expelled, the pulmonary semilunar valve thumps open and closed and the blood goes through and is sent empurpled to my lungs; my lungs were busy gasping at air for your mouth was fastened on mine in a slow dreamy kiss and even the oxygen was recycled; my lungs inflate draining your breath down on in to my trachea and sucking down into the alveoli slowly inflating, the blood flows past the little sacs and relinquishes the spent gases and picks up the oxygen and the blood runs back to my heart again, rich and red this time; my heart with its steady bpm pumps and sends pulsed waves of fluid back out into my arteries to the extremities of my skin, i wonder if your heart is pumping the same way can the beats be synchronised could the cells be synchronised the blood reaching the skin of our fingertips at the same time could they jump the barrier of skin at our fingertips, cross it like the oxygen in our breathing?  your touch calls my blood to the surface my touch calls your blood closer to mine; the blood now staining my cheeks

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