24 May 2010

I lost my voice

I did not speak with anyone yesterday.  I could have picked up the phone and called a friend but I didn't, a delicacy that prevents me intruding on normal people's lives.  People who have lives don't want me bothering them.  I did speak out loud, I said "Miaou, Miaou," and "Get down," to the cat.  He didn't do anything though.  I did e-mail people.  But the ones I wanted to hear from did not e-mail back.  I went onto the social networks but they were as usual full of strangers grasping for your friendship to win points in games.  I got e-mails from them, telling me what they wanted from me, which button to click to give them their virtual rewards.  I got sucked in and asked for non-existent stuff too.  I managed not to talk to any inanimate objects.  I read blogs.  I read books.  I wrote stuff.  Did I talk to my reflection in the mirror?  I don't remember now.  I wrote comments on blogs and people wrote back on a couple of occasions, I could pretend a conversation almost got going.  A conversation did not happen.  Except in my head.  There were several going on there so I lost track of them in the end.

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